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  • Cuscinetti E Guarnizioni

    Bearings, Seals and Gaskets for:

    • Wheels, engine, differential, gearboxes ...
    • and every other place in your LADA
  • Carrozzeria

    Parts for windows, doors, mirrors ...

    and any other exterior parts on your LADA

  • Freni

    Brakes and accessories for the brakes.

  • Frizione

    Parts for the Clutch: Bearings, disc-plate, fluid canister ...

  • Raffreddamento

    Hoses, raditors, heater, valves, pumps ...

    and all other parts used in the water system

  • Differenziale

    Bearings, gears, shims, gaskets (and more) for:

    Front and Rear differential

  • Gruppo Propulsore

    All parts that rotate: Propeller shafts, half shaft ...

    and all the small parts: Seals, bellows, bearings ...

  • Elettrico

    Anything that is electric !

    Nomatter where in your LADA it may be, here it is.

  • Motore

    Any part related to the main function of the engine:

    Camshaft, valves, pistons ...

    and all the little parts that goes with it.

  • Carburante

    Anything for the Fuel-system:

    Air- & Fuel-Filters, Carburator, Pump ...

  • Riduttori

    Gears, Shafts, Synchronizer, Bearings and more for:

    • Transfer Case
    • Gearbox
  • Interno

    Any standard parts for the interior:

    Seatbelts, Bellows, Carpets, Rear mirror and more.

  • Luce

    Anything with a bulp inside:

    All lamps with all the small parts surounding it.

  • Timone

    Parts to get you in the right direction.

  • Sospensione

    Parts for the Front- and Rear suspension:

    Coil springs, Shock absorbers, Ball Joints and more