Shipping large volume

Will my order be subjected to an additional shipping fee ?

Under normal circumstances: No - No extra fee is added.

LADA World knows what products that are subjected to additional shipping fees.

All those products have at the bottom a link to this page and is marked with this symbol →

(like this one: Bonnet air scoop)

Shipping LADA World Wide

LADA World will contact you if the following occurs:

  • One of the items in your order is marked with the symbol AND the total weight of your order is very low

If you are contacted, you may either:

  • Pay the additional surcharge for "Large Volume"
  • Add more items to your order, so the total weight comes closer to what the shipping companies charge us for.
  • Cancel the order

How do the shipping companies calculate the shipping costs ?

PS: You don't need to read all this - LADA World will handle it all for you 

The shipping companies has so many different fees and ways to calculate the costs, so it is literally impossible for LADA World do it 100% correct.

No web-shops supports that many parameters as the shipping companies demands in the calculation.

No web-shops can forecast or calculate the box-size from an order of different sized items and boxes.

Even if we could calculate the box-size and weight and all the other parameters the shipping companies requires, we still can't automatically get the price, since none of the shipping companies have free web-shop integrations.

The shipping prices you see in LADA World's web-shop, is entirely calculated from the total weight.