Shipping Extra Large (XL) packages

What is an Extra Large (XL) package

  • When the length exceeds 200 cm, LADA World recommends you to arrange the shipping

The cheap and fully automated shipping companies LADA World are using, has forbidden XL packages over 200 cm.

⭐ LADA World has made a DIY guide for XL packages, where you can save lots of money.

LADA World is located in Denmark, where staff is more expensive than robots. Everything is automated and standardized, so when an XL package goes into the hands of a robot or on a narrow conveyor it will either explode or burst into flames.

The XL packages needs to be handled manually (as in the old days - by a human), and they seem to be impossible to get into the tiny mini trucks and airplanes as of year 2018 (20 years ago the trucks, airplanes and ships was much bigger)

LADA World knows what products that are subjected to additional shipping fees.

All those products have at the bottom a link to this page and is marked with this symbol →

(like this one: Covers for front & rear bumpers)


LADA World will contact you if the following occurs:

  • One of the items in your order is marked with the symbol

If you are contacted, you may either:

  • Pay the additional surcharge for "Large Volume"
  • Add more items to your order, so the total weight comes closer to what the shipping companies charge us for.
  • Cancel the order

Guide, how to find the shipping price in general

⭐ LADA World recommends you to pay for the shipping, directly to the shipping company, this gives you the following advantages:

  • On the Invoice from LADA World it will say "Shipping Cost = 0" - In some countries, when the parcel arrives, you are also taxed for the Shipping Cost
  • You will receive a discount voucher = 10% (10% of the entire order) - Since we save the time to do a lot of paper-work
  • You are the boss - If you have any problems with the shipping, you can contact them directly
  • It is not unusual, that you can get a much lower shipping price (up to -50%) than we can - Denmark has the highest shipping prices in the world !
  • You will not need to pay any Danish taxes - If LADA World does exactly the same operation, we are forced to claim 25% in Danish taxes from you (A new accounting-rule the Danish government has issued ! - To make us more competitive !?!?)

Here is how to do it:

When making the order in our web-shop, select "Pick up at LADA World's Warehouse..."
Find a shipping company capable of picking up a parcel in Denmark, Postal code: 2670 Greve, or use the one we have found (, as shown below)
Contact LADA World, before contacting the shipping company, LADA World will provide you with:
  • The exact number of parcels and their exact sizes and weight
  • All customs papers, filled out, stamped and signed
Send the packing label to us, and we will attach it (and the customs papers, if any) to the parcel
Receive your 10% bonus voucher from us

Guide, specific for

⭐ We have found a Danish ShippingBroker company, who can ship XL parcels around the world:

⭐ For customers outside the European Union, the prices are Tax-free, and you will not pay any Danish Tax ! ( is one of the very few, who offers that service)

Quick guide to use the calculator

Below we have shown you what fields you need to fill out.

Need for help: Please place any questions/advices at our Support Community

☝ Tip: Some areas are by some shippers marked as "Remote area", which triggers an additional heavy fee. If that is the case, you could also try having it shipped to a friend nearby a larger town (which is not marked as "Remote area"). You can test it by changing Your Postal Code and run the calculation again.


CountryPostal Code
From Denmark 2670
CountryPostal Code
ToYour CountryYour Postal Code


Type of shipment

Ordinary Box


40 X 25 X 20 CM

Moving Box


70 X 40 X 40 CM

Thin Box


33 X 23 X 3 CM





Define Your Sizes

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Select sizes

UnitsWeight (max) per unit
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Length (max)Width (max)Height (max)
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░░ As soon as your order is packed, LADA World will provide you with all the sizes.

Try the calculator here