Crown Wheel & Pinion 4.44


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Contains the following parts
LADA Spare Part numberDescriptionQuantity
2102-2402020 Crown wheel and Pinion

1 set

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LADA Spare part: 2102-2402020

Fits in the following applications:

In the Rear Differential of:
- ALL LADA Niva (VAZ 2121x)
- ALL LADA Classic (VAZ 2101 - 2107)
- FIAT 124 series up to 1997 (*)

In the Front Differential of:
- ALL LADA Niva (VAZ 2121x)

Crown Wheel & Pinion (9:40 = 1:4,44)

This Crown Wheel and Pinion is made in Italy. The factory is producing spareparts for Gear-boxes and Differentials in OE-quality (OE = Original Equipment). This set of crown wheel & pinion is actually for a Fiat (but LADA owners may also use it).

* It would fit into any old Fiat where the Differential-housing assembles from the front.

Crown Wheel & Pinion 2102-2402020 2101-2402020 2103-2402020 2106-2402020
Gear-ratio 9:40 = 1:4,44 10:43 = 1:4,30 10:41 = 1:4,10 11:43 = 1:3,91
Speed difference (*) -12,0 % -9,1 % -4,7 % 0,0 %

(*) The speed difference, is compared to the most commonly used gear ratio in LADA Niva: 11:43

The gear-ratio of this Crown Wheel and Pinion will make your car drive more slow.

Top 3 reasons, why you would like this modification:

  1. When you drive your LADA Niva in the terrain, there are situations where you need to drive as slow as possible.
  2. Many 4x4 owners have mounted higher tires to improve the traction and lift. The increased wheel size can in some cases be too much for a weak low-torque engine like the LADA - making starting in first gear a problem.
  3. You don't want to make changes in your gear-box to achieve a lower gear-ratio. When the car-engineers adjust the overall gear-ratio, they adjust it by changing the Crown Wheel and Pinion. It's easier, rather than to change some gears in the gear-box.

If this is not equal to your old Crown Wheel and Pinion, then you MUST replace both the front- and rear- Crown Wheels and Pinions.

It is very important that the front- and rear-differentials has the same gear-ratio. If they don't: You will experience odd behaviour when the center-4WD is locked.

If your car is the Lada Classic (VAZ 2101 - 2107) or even a Fiat, then there are no problems.


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Crown Wheel & Pinion 4.44

Crown Wheel & Pinion 4.44

Contains the following parts
LADA Spare Part numberDescriptionQuantity
2102-2402020 Crown wheel and Pinion

1 set