Do you have something for sale ?

LADA World is always interested in special parts/equipment/gadgets/merchandise for LADA.

We would love to buy even small quantities of your goods, to sell them here in our shop. Also goods that you manufacture when you feel like it, as a hobby, in limited editions ... There are no obligations to start a mass production - that's fine with us. Don't forget we also need to have fun with what we do !

Most wanted is:

  • Special parts for LADA Niva - anything not standard/serial
  • Equipment for 4x4 cars - it need to be either general for any 4x4 car, or specific for LADA Niva
  • Gadgets and Merchandise - Must be specific for LADA, any LADA !

LADA World have the following requirements:

  • Do you give us any warranty - How much ?. if not, the prices should also show that
  • Do you supply us with documentation, support or anything else. If not, the prices should also show that

LADA World can also offer you:

  • You can answer any support in our Forum (you will become Co-administrator)
  • You can answer questions and promote your products in our Facebook page (you will become Co-administrator)
  • We can supply you with the documentation/photos/translations if you pay us for it
  • We can promote your web-site (if you have any)

If you sell standard or serial parts: We already have plenty of suppliers, perhaps you have something special. Our customers like Russian made parts (good quality).

Please note, if you are from Russia or Brazil:

  • You sell low valued items - Parcels have a value less than 500 USD - No problems.
  • You sell high valued items - Parcels have a value more than 500 USD: You must have the necessary approvals to do export - It is EXTREMELY hard and expensive to get parcels with a value > 500 USD out of Russia and Brazil. Please check that before you contact us.

Contact us here: Business Contact