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List of documents

Here is the first of 100 free documents, more will be added when requested.

DocumentLADA modelsYearLanguage
Spare part catalogVAZ 21061982Russian

PS: Do not share a direct/deep link to our Documents. Please only share a link to this page.
Our server would be overloaded ! (If you do make a direct/deep link, we can see it, and you risk to be 100% banned from our web-site)

Ordering parts NOT in our shop

When making an order at LADA World for > 3 different parts, we want YOU to write us a list like this:

Spare part numberDescriptionQuantityRemarks
2101-1106080Fuel pump1
21061-8212200-20Badge1LADA 1500s

It's only because it will:

  • Save us hours of work (often for a small 10€ order)
  • Make sure you will get the correct parts (we will check and confirm your list)

Important: Many parts are no longer in production (no longer sold by AvtoVAZ). A few factories are however still manufacturing some of the parts (only parts with a good cash-flow - not small plastic things for 0,01€). We will be able to import those unoriginal parts for you. Lead-time up to 2 months may occur.

Hard to find items:

You may still find "hard to get items" in old ware-houses in Russia - but we don't buy our parts from old ware-houses, and cannot do it for you - we have tried.

So... If you have tried finding a "hard to get item" in other European web-shops, it's a waste of time to ask us also - we will not be able to find it for you. You will have to search for it in Russian shops.

For new customers: You may be asked to pay a deposit for our research/service, which will be returned after ordering the parts. It depends on the length of list, and whether you can make an accurate order list, or not.